Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How to Make a Wallet Card/Card Folder

Hi Folks,
I thought that today's post would be about something I enjoy making as I love to share. On the previous post you would have seen an oriental wallet card, I have been asked many times what are these. Well these are folders that you can slide things into such as money , notelets or even images. Another crafter gave me a website addy which is http://katharina1704.blogspot.com/ which has tutorials on and this is where I got the information on how to make these wallet cards or as know on this lady's site as card folder.

Here is the info on how to make these if anyone is interested in trying them out.

Take an A4 sheet of card, on the long side measure 28cm, score and cut.

Then on the short side measure 20cm, score and cut.

*Go back to the long side and measure 14cm, score down and fold crease carefully.

Then back to short side, measure 5cm, score and fold crease carefully all the way along the long side.

Unfold and then fold middle flap backwards.

On short side from middle measure 2.5cm, score at an angle so when unfolded its a triangle and cut.

On short sides measure 1.3cm and score right along including 5cm fold. Cut score line until 5cm fold & leave to make flaps on both sides.

Fold little flaps and add glue and press them on main section of card to make pockets.

* After this part I use my cuttlebug machine with the embossing folder swiss dots as this is the easiest time to do this. The only other extra's I do are just for personal touches, such as use my x-cut corner punch on the top corners and finally I use my x-cut ribbon slot punch twice on the top, either side for my ribbons. The rest is up to you in how you decorate your card or add personal touches.
I thought I would include pictures at stages to make it more easier to understand both for yourselves and also for me and I hope this is of help to you.


  1. Hi Shree fantastic welcome to the land of blogging,i am now a follower,
    Dianne xx

  2. Beautiful wallet card! Off to have a look at the link!

    Welcome to the world of blogging, it can be very addictive lol


  3. I have been fortunate to receive some of these beautiful wallets from you.........Ruth x