Thursday, 4 February 2010

Easel Calendar Cards

Hello Again Folks,

Here's what I have been doing today, 6 Easel Calendar Cards which are for Christmas pressies, yes I have started them early. I have been lucky to receive one of these myself at Christmas time, so that's how I worked them out.

I have used white card stock for the main part, 2 matching backing papers, corner peel offs, cat picture with saying, butterfly and oblong shaped gem stone for body, also will need to add small calendar when purchased these.

Firstly I have taken white card stock, measured 26cm across x 13cm down, cut out and folded 26cm in half and then taken one side on folded that in half (A,top edge in to centre).

Then taken white card stock, measured 13cm x 13cm, cut out and stuck base to of A so when layed all folded up flat all 3 equal squares sit on top of one another.

Then I have measured and cut a little bit smaller square out of both backing papers and stick one on the bottom inside flap and the other to the top outside flap.

Decorate top flap as wish and finally add calendar to middle of bottom inside flap which is how it holds open (base of top flap sits behind the calendar top).

I hope this gives you some ideas and I look forward to viewing more of your ideas, until next time, do take care and happy crafting, lol


  1. Hi Shree,Oh I love the easel card,your starting early,but don't blame you when you have lots to does kind of creep up on us all....hope your well.x