Wednesday, 28 May 2014

@RoyalMail Fed Up With the Royal Mail

Hi Folks,

Sorry today I am rather unhappy, no cards to showing you I am afraid, will have some more soon but today is a rant and rave about our not so lovely Royal Mail!

The last couple of years they have hiked their prices up so much that many of us have cut down on what we send in response as it is too costly.  Sadly I am not able to get out and about much so I order online a bit more.  Well this year I ordered more plants from the lovely Thompson and Morgan who I feel really sorry for as they spend a lot of time, energy and money on providing such a wonderful top quality service only to be let down by the delivery of the Royal Mail.

The picture is of a replacement batch of Petunias due to the fact the first batch took a week to deliver to me for first class post plus they had been bashed about as (Thompson & Morgan this year have been date stamping when they send their plants out on the container).  This batch was put in the post on 23 May and arrived to me mid day of the 27 may but these have been severally crushed as you can see and already was of no use.

I have emailed Royal Mail who just keep sending their usual jargan of trying to fob me off with can't help you as it is not tracked (what you to pay double for tracking).  Royal Mail stated first class is anywhere up to 3 days but sometimes it can be outside of this. in other words we do not care as long as we make a huge profit and what did they recently admit to... well if I remember correctly it was a profit of £430 Million!  They will not answer anything, in fact their replies are do anything to advoid answers, admit no errors or mistakes let alone that they will even take responsibility for any problems or look into them.  Tough luck if they arrived late, crushed or even dead, they say they can not do anything about it, more like will not, just passing the buck!

So a message to all those who use the Royal Mail service beware of the service that you are receiving or not should I say.  To all those companies out there reading this perhaps you should try another company as you are not getting what you pay for!

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