Monday, 7 September 2009

Wow Kreativ blogger Award

Oh Wow Folks,

I have just received this award from Little Bo, a very dear and talent crafting friend of my, thank you so very much I really do appreciate this.

Well let me see now the award rules, oh now I had to rack my brain with these as follows,

1 Thank person who has nominated you.

2. Copy the Logo and put on your blog.

3 Link your blog back to the person who gave you the award.

4 Tell everyone 7 things about yourself. (HELP!)

5 Nominate seven bloggers.

6 Leave comments on all seven blogs.

Well I have thought about this for quite a while, had more problems with the seven things about me but here goes.

1 After 2o odd years of office work I am a rather tame Gothic (not that you would notice these days) - with a nutty sense of humour, I love Animal, Taz, Zippy, Crazy Frog and of course Achmed the Dead Terrorist (I am just totally loony)

2 I have gone from really long hair to hardly any (no 1 on the clippers) and back again and so on. Dyed it from fair haired to blond on to PillowBox Red to black to normal (Oh and 1 day it was Green, not want you are thinking, green spray dye thank you very much)

3 I am passionate about music, love punk, rock, classic, opera, glam, C&W, Hip Hop you name it I love it just can not stand certain groups/bands such as spice (XXXXX) Girls etc or S Club 7, yuck. Mind you I have followed one singer since about the age of 10 years old and have been very lucky to see him live 3 times (Midge Ure - my OH will tell you I am and have aways been bonkers about him.

4 I love horror films & books but read just about anything including M&B as was brought up to read all books (Bookworm here). There are just the odd books I will not read, one writer I have tried to read and it was such drivel I did not finish it but put it in the bin(best place for it really), I know I should not speech ill of the dead but honestly all I can say is the pink powder puff lady and I would rather watch paint dry.

5 I have never been one for fashion, do my own thing even if its crazy.

6 I love history like the Sphinx, Aztec, Castles etc

7 In the last 3 years have become hooked on crafting but especially enjoy the companionship and friendship of all those lovely crafters. So here's to you folks who keep me trying, lol

And finally to those lovely nominees who inspire me

1 Ruth (A Passion for Cards/Stamps)

2 Back to you Little Bo

3 Crazy Crafters

4 Fluffs Creations

5 Fiona J cards & more

6 Eisbarentraume

7 Nanaseaside

So why not pop along and take a look at these lovely blog sites, you will find the links on my blog following list, you never know what you might see, lol


  1. Wow thank you so much for thinking of me Shree
    I appreciate evry award I receive,,

    big hugs Christine xx

  2. Hi Shree
    Thankyou so much for the lovely award you have giving me my friend,
    Love and Hugs
    Dianne xx

  3. Thanks Shree,you are such a sweetie,love the new cards,fab,take care,