Thursday, 6 May 2010

Stepper Boxes

Hi Folks,

Sorry its been quite a while since I last posted but have been very busy, what with the father in law back in hospital (probably going to have a heart by pass). The gardening, which is keeping me busy let alone crafting. Mind you I have been very busy making these stepper boxes.

You will need: Outside lid 22cm x 22cm, main outside 15cm x 30cm and four inner boxes 20cm x 20cm, you may use different colour backing sheets, plain card stock or even a mixture and if you really like you can use a ribbon going from the bottom to the top in a bow which I might add at a later date to mine.

1) Draw a line from corner to corner on the back of the lid papers. Fold the points of each corner of your paper in so that they meet at the centre.

2) Fold in all four sides, press down each crease with a paper folder.

3) Fold the points up to the line you previously folded on each side press down the crease with a paper folder and then unfold. This fold gives you the sides of your box. Repeat on all four sides. 4) I have taken a marker and drawn lines on my folds. This is to help you see the lines where there should be folds. The first two lines you drew will not be creased. I have also coloured four triangles.

5)Cut out the triangles and this will give you two sets of flaps.

6) Bring the flaps together to form a wall of the box, hold firmly.

7) Now fold the flap over those tabs, repeat on the other side.

8) Your flaps won't want to stay down on their own. Fold in the other two flaps and press the corners in firmly. Once all four corners are in, the box will stay together without any glue (but I have stuck them down with glue to make certain as these are gifts). Repeat this process on all of the lid papers so you will end up with one larger lid box and four small ones.

9) Now take the 30cm x15 cm paper and fold in half with the two short sides together, press down the crease with a paper folder and then unfold.

10) Fold in each short side into the centre press down the crease with a paper folder and then unfold. You should have four perfectly even sections (at this stage I have used my cuttlebug to emboss them with the swiss dots).

11) To attach the boxes, first stick on to the very top left corner, making certain that you are flush with the corner of the outside paper.

12) Adhere the next one to the bottom right corner, once again flush to the edge. Align the inside two boxes so that they are in the centre of their own section of the paper, but not overlapping each other so you can still fold the box shut.

13) Once the glue is dry you should be able to close your box and the lid should fit perfectly on top. One corner of the box will remain open, as no part is designed to overlap, pop the lid on and the tie with a ribbon if you so choose.

I do hope you like these and that you might give them a try, I have had great fun with them and feel them can make for gorgeous gifts when filled up with say smelly bits and bobs. Until next time do take care and happy crafting, lol


  1. Hi Shree,so nice to see you blogging again hun,hope your ok in yourself....these boxes are fabulous...glad you shared the 'how to' also,been going to do one of these for ages,but never I care.xx

  2. hi Shree, welcome back to blogland, lovely box, thank you for sharing, great way to store the paper flowers