Friday, 1 April 2016


Hello Folks,

Hope this finds you all well, yes a change from crafting this post is but just to show you what has been happening for me the last couple of weeks. 

After fifteen years the greenhouse has needed some repairs, new wood for the frame to sit on, bubble wrap, new shelving as the old one was wood, new heater which needs electricity to be installed yet, a lovely new work bench, oh yes almost forgot the door has been replaced with like a tough plastic instead of bubble wrap, so much easier!  Had a real sort out, still needs a bit of tidying up but getting there, the right hand side is ready for the pots once filled with cucumber and pepper plants for the summer. 

A couple of other jobs to do for it yet including painting the glass with sun shield to protect plants but it will not be much longer before it is fully ready again for use thanks to my wonderful husband.

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