Saturday, 29 January 2011

Evening Purse

Hi Folks,

As promised a little something that I have been working on for one of my lovely niece's as its her birthday shortly. I thought I would make her a little evening bag/purse as she goes out to the under 18's nightclub every so often and I thought it would go greatly with that little black dress.

Here is the info to make this item.
Cutting out. Cut four rectangles of fabric measuring 28x23cm (11x 9inc). If you are using a contrast lining, cut two from the lining and two from the outer fabric ( I have used black velour and purple lining).

Marking the casing. Layout the two main fabric rectangles with the wrong sides up. On each long side, measure and mark 6cm (21/4 inc) and 8cm (31/4in) down from one short edge - this short edge becomes the top edge of the bag. On a patterned fabric make sure the pattern is going in the right direction.

Stitching the outer bag. Place the main fabric rectangles right sides together. Stitch down one side seam to the first casing mark and backstitch. Start stitching again at the second casing mark, securing the stitching by backstitching, and stitch to the base edge. Repeat, for the other side seam. Stitch across the base. Press the side seams open.

Stitching the lining. Place the two lining fabric rectangles together, right sides facing. Stitch both side seams completely and across the lower edge, leaving a 7.5-10cm (3-4 inc) gap. Press the side seams open.

Assembling the bag. Turn the outer bag right side out. Slip the lining over the outer bag, right sides together and matching top raw edges. Stitch all the way round the top edge of the bag.

Turning the bag. Pull the outer bag through the opening in the lining. Slipstitch the gap in the lining closed and push it down inside the bag. Finger roll the top edge flat and press.

Stitching the casing. To draw guidelines for the casing, use tailor's chalk to mark all the way round the bag in line with the top and bottom of casing openings. Slip bag over the free arm of your machine. Stitch along both lines through both the outer bag and the lining.

Adding the drawstrings. Cut two 60cm (24inc) lengths of cord and thread one through one hole, all the way round the casing and out again. Repeat to thread the other piece through the hole on the opposite side and back again. Thread a tassel over each cord (optional). Knot the cords and adjust them so that the knots are hidden inside the casing.

Embellish as you wish or not. I do hope you like this and that you might give it a go and you dont need a sewing machine as I did not use one, until next time do take care and happy crafting, lol


  1. Hi Shree
    This gorgeous,clever you,
    hugs Dianne xx :)

  2. Hi Shree, Oh your so clever, this is gorgeous, sure your niece will love

  3. Beautifu work Shree - love that rich colour - your niece is a lucky girl.
    Well done.