Friday, 1 May 2009

How to do Candle Stamping

Well Folks, Its Friday again and a Bank Holiday weekend to boot and I am going to have a well earned rest after all that crafting and gardening but before I do I thought I would upload one last thing.

It is the information about candle stamping, of which I put a picture on my first post, also it is on my slide at the bottom of this blog site if you wish to take a peek.

I find this on another website and thought this would be ideal as you can make these as gifts for your friends and families and if you have never tried before, so here goes.

You will need a candle preferably white or cream, white tissue paper, stamps and ink pad, gems to decorate (optional), markers or other colouring mediums, scissors, wax paper, embossing gun and cloth to polish candle when cooled.

Step 1

Stamp image onto tissue paper also stamp extra images on the tissue paper in case of mistake.

Step 2

Colour in stamped images, but be careful.

Step 3

Cut out your stamped images fairly close to the edges.

Step 4

Take a piece of wax paper and cut it so that it is not any taller than the candle being used and long enough so that it wraps completely around the candle and some.

Step 5

Take first stamped image and place it on the candle. Then place wax paper on top and wrap the wax paper around the candle. Wing out the extra wax paper and pinch close with your fingers making sure the wax paper is tight against the candle.

Step 6

Heat up your embossing gun for 30-40 seconds until it is nice and hot. Moving quickly, wave it over the area where the stamped image is; be sure to keep the wax paper nice and tight. Every candle will have a different wax melting point, but you should see a change begin to take place within a few seconds. As the candle heats up, the pressure from the wax paper should push the image into the melting wax of the candle, embedding the image and leaving your image intact. Slowly peel the wax paper off the candle. Remember: every brand is different so if you are switching between brands you may need to adjust your heating times a bit.

Step 7

Finish your candle. You can do numerous images on one candle; just place another image and move the wax paper. It is best to try and not use the same spot on the wax paper for each image, but you can use 1 piece of wax paper numerous times. Once the candle has cooled down, just rub a cloth over it and now if you wish you may add decorations such as gem stones.

I found that my first image that I used was not that good once on the candle but it was a practice run and helped me to decide what stamped images to use and hope you enjoy trying this especially as they make great gifts.

I wish you all a Fab Bank Holiday Weekend and do take care of yourselves.

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