Friday, 8 May 2009

How to make a Tea Bag/Bath Salts Gift Holder

Hi Folks,

This is the last blog for this week, so I thought I would make it something gorjuss by using my gorjuss girl sitting image. I have chosen to use an idea that I have seen on another blog site called the Double Dutch Challenge and the information on how to make these and several other items can be seen on their blog site. But I have included the information how to make this particular item which is called a teabag and can be used as gifts with a few tea bags in or pot pourri or even bath salts.

So here goes folks for the info and how to make them.

Cut a strip of 25 x 15 cm. Score along the entire length at 4 and 11 cm and at 11, 12.5 and 14 cm on the short side. Fold the long scorelines, these overlap with 1 cm, that's your glue strip. Add glue and seal the strip shut. Now you have a teabag. Score the top four corners at a 2 cm angle and fold them inward. Fill the bag with a few teabags or something that smells nice, make a hole in the centre and add an eyelet. Finish the bag how you wish with decoration.

I hope you like these and will give them a try, until next time, do take care.

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  1. Hi Shree gorgeous and thankyou for sharing this to. Dianne xx