Thursday, 26 November 2009

Blog Award

Hello Folks,

I am so pleased I have received another award, thank you so very much Little Bo. Finally sorted it all out as there are lots of questions to answer, certainly got the ole gray cell functioning again as they were not easy. So here goes folks,
1 Where is my cell phone - next to me.
2 Hair Colour - brown/mousey I suppose.
3 Mother - in the house I was born in I believe as she is due to phone.
4 Father - in Heaven decorating it with his flowers and the help of my cat
5 Fav Food - Italian
6 What did I dream last night - dont know if I did
7 Fav drink - milk, I know most dont but I find it refreshing
8 Dream Goal - Just to be Happy
9 What room I am in - Bedroom
10 Hobby - Crafty but not afraid to have again at most things just not energetic any more
11 Fears - of the unknown future
12 Where would I like to live in 6 years - Here is as good as any place
13 Where was I last night - Here
14 Something I am not - Confident
15 Muffin - ? I have a very very sweet tooth like my Dad!
16 Wish List - There's lots of places I would like to visit
17 Last thing I did - Hang out the washing
18 What am I wearing - Jogging pants and very baggy T shirt
19 Fav Tv - Not much really, love horros, vamps, murder mysteries but like ancestral programmes too
20 My Pets - None now sadly
21 My Best Friend - My Husband of course
22 My Life - Never easy but thats life and there is worse off
23 My Moon - Trying to remain cheerful and happy go lucky
24 Missing Someone - My Dad
25 Something not wearing - Bra - oops did I say that
26 Fav Store - None
27 Fav Colour - Purple/Lilac but I do also love black as it goes with anything and everything a gothic at heart
28 Last Laugh - Last Night
29 Last cried - Yesterday
30 One place I go to over and over - Great Yarmouth where my dad comes from
31 One person who emails you regular - Little Bo
32 Fav place to eat - Home of course as I can have what I want and how I like it!
33 Facebook - Yes
Now after all that to pass the award on to 5 other blogs, so here goes after a lot more thought
1 Little Bo's place
2 A Passion for Cards/Stamps (RuthH)
3 CrazyCraftShed (Crazy Crafters)
4 Coops Cluttered Corner (Creative Coops)
5 Kozmikzkardz (Kozmik)
I would also like to praise of all you out there, you inspire me to keep trying each and everyone of you deserve this award too! So until next time, do take care and happy crafting, lol


  1. Hi Shree
    Thankyou so much for this lovely award,i do appreciate this you are a good friend,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  2. Awww Thankyou Shree - so kind of you! you are a true star xx Luv Sarah xxx

  3. Thanks Shree my friend,will add to my side bar....less the questionaire this time I was hard work for me....take care....x