Monday, 16 November 2009

Well Hi Folks

I'm back but just for a little while, things still not right I am afraid after seeing 3 drs, 1 dentist and 2 hospital visits. Resulting in 2 side x rays of my face and a full head x ray ( they wont find anything in there as there is nothing there, hehehe!)

I have basically been finishing off xmas pressies as they need not much thinking about as mostly completed, just final touches.

I have made some book marks as gifts for family members using a book mark that was sent to me by another lovely crafting lady as a guide (mine does not hold a patch to Little Bo's gorgeous book mark) and have also made boxes so I can fill them up with gifts such as fudge, pot pourri and for 3 guys little bits for fishing like hooks and spinners. The idea for these boxes came from a magazine which also gave you the info on how to make them as follows

1 To make the medium sized gift box take an A4 piece of card for the base of your box, trim to measure 20cm x 20cm and draw a pencil line from each corner to its opposite diagonal corner. Fold each corner to the centre point, use a bone folder to press firmly, and then unfold.

2 Now take each corner to the point where the pencil line crosses the new crease. Fold firmly and then unfold. Now fold each corner to the point where the pencil line crosses the nearest crease, fold firmly and unfold. Dont worry if your card is starting to look a little untidy at this point!

3 Look at the square shape you have created in the middle of your card. This will be the base of your box. With a pair of scissors or a craft knife cut up the crease line no further than the central square. Do this four times, as in the photo.

4 Start with one of the larger triangle shapes and fold inwards from the top of the triangle. Keep folding inwards, including the sides until you see the side of a box shape forming. Repeat on the other side.

5 Fold each of the last two sides into the centre of the box. This holds the box firmly together. Although the box will hold together without any adhesive, a small piece of double sided tape at this point will make it very secure. Repeat steps 1 to 5 with another piece of card measuring 21cm square to make the lid of the box.

6 To finish decorate the lid how you like.

Large Gift Box 29cm x 29cm lid 30cm x 30xm
Small Gift Box 10cm x 10cm lid 11cm x 11cm
I have used for the boxes white card stock, dark blue glitter card stock, light blue card stock, light blue glitter card stock, dark blue ribbon, white organza ribbon, beads, snowflake gems, blue & purple blending chalks, 1 flowers rubber stamp and magnolia horse rubber stamp added silver glitter glue and a red gem stone for the horses eye.
Book marks I have used white card stock, patterned paper, circle punch, flower punch, glitter glues, organza ribbons, clover leaves, gems and letters, pens for edge colouring.

I do hope you like these and perhaps maybe you might give them a try and until next time do take care and happy crafting, lol


  1. Hi Shree
    Hope yo feel better soon my friend and your boxes and bookmarks are gorgeous,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  2. Hi Shree,Love your boxes and your book marks are just fab,hope you got my e-mail,take care.x

  3. They are beautiful Shree. I do hope you are soon sorted out and feeling much better :o)
    Jackie xx